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Meet Austin!

I am so thrilled to begin a new year and a new chapter of my business with the launch of Dave Masson Real Estate Group! The reason behind this is two fold, I love helping new agents excel and my business is growing to the point where I need to assistance to continue to provide Read More

Home Inspections: Four Outcomes You Need to Know

The buying process of a home can be intricate, and one of the most essential stages is the inspection process. A thorough home inspection allows potential buyers to gain a complete understanding of the home’s condition. This reveals potential issues that may influence the final sale price. This guide seeks to demystify home inspections. This Read More

Why Should You Sell Over the Holidays?

Today I want to talk to you about the benefits of putting your home on the market during the holidays. Many sellers have been telling me that they plan on waiting until the first of the year to sell because that’s when all the serious buyers will enter the market, but that’s not necessarily true. Read More

Two Things to Consider when Purchasing An Investment Property

If you got into the real estate market before the recent price increases over the past few years, chances are you are sitting on a healthy amount of equity that you could potentially use to purchase an investment property. Watch my 3 minute video for two important things to consider when using your equity to Read More

Why Should You Include Real Estate in Your Investment Portfolio?

Let’s talk about investment properties and why it’s important to consider including one in your portfolio. Investment properties yield several different benefits compared to normal equities and mutual funds.  The first is capital appreciation. Typically, you appreciate an asset value over time however the value of houses and apartment buildings generally increase as the years go Read More

Setting the Stage for a Profitable Home Sale

I wanted to touch on something that I feel is very important to consider when selling your home, staging. I feel that when you stage a property it increases the chance of having a potential buyer developing an emotional connection to the home. It showcases utilization of spaces they may have not noticed or written Read More

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