When Should You Start Talking about Making A Move?

The best time to start talking about making any move is EARLY!

If you’ve been hesitant to reach out because  you’re only just thinking about it and don’t waste anyone’s time – Don’t hesitate! It’s NEVER too early to start the conversation! 

Go ahead – Ask us anything!

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with your dream home only to realize that you can’t get enough financing for it or that you missed out because you don’t have all your ducks in a row

Have you ever figured out what you think AS you talk it through? You might not even know the questions to ask. Not a problem. We’ve got you covered. 

First things first.

What has you thinking about a move? Has there been some sort of life event like a wedding or a new baby? Maybe a job transfer or lifestyle shift? Maybe you want to leverage some of the equity in your current home and level up? Maybe it’s time to downsize? 

Whatever the situation is, there’s no obligation in just having a conversation to learn about what your options may be. 

When we talk we’ll be able to advise you on:

  • The current market projections and give you a solid understanding of what’s selling, what’s not, and in what neighbourhoods.
  • What kind of product: house vs townhouse vs condo; new developments vs resale and how long those properties typically sit on the market. 
  • We can share our top seller and buyer strategies, what to watch for to protect yourself and we will absolutely ask all the right questions to ensure you are well educated and there are no surprises. 
  • We can advise you on all the costs for buying/selling and owning a home in Vancouver, Langley or anywhere in the lower mainland and you may be surprised how much closer you are to being able to make a move than you may have thought!

Next we’ll encourage you to talk to a mortgage broker.

If you don’t have one we have a few we highly recommend who are experts at preparing our clients to be well positioned when it’s time for financing. This can make all the difference in the world! It may mean cleaning up a few credit issues, advising you on your upcoming purchases (like cars etc) and showing you in advance ways you can get to where you want to be. We’ll also tell you why we typically advise working with mortgage brokers over your bank (of course there are always exceptions).

We got you!

We know it’s tough to ask for help, especially when you’re just in the initial flirting stages, but talking it through can make all the difference! We’re not ‘salesy’ and we won’t push! There is ZERO obligation! Reach out, and let’s get the conversation started!

Call/Text Dave Masson 778-855-8510

or email dave@davemasson.ca

Picture of Dave Masson

Dave Masson

Dave, a BCIT graduate in Professional Sales and Marketing, began his real estate career in 2010. With prestigious awards like Rookie of the Year from Royal LePage and consistent top rankings, he's known for his negotiation skills and client focus. Outside work, he enjoys family time and hockey, while also giving back through charity work with Ruben’s Shoes Society.


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