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Setting the Stage for a Profitable Home Sale

I wanted to touch on something that I feel is very important to consider when selling your home, staging. I feel that when you stage a property it increases the chance of having a potential buyer developing an emotional connection to the home. It showcases utilization of spaces they may have not noticed or written Read More

5 Essential Questions to Ask a Realtor When Buying a Home

As a first-time home buyer, there are many questions, concerns, and uncertainties that you may have before and during the home-buying process. That is why before you begin your search, you should consider hiring a real estate agent. They will help elevate these unwanted stresses and moments of insecurity. Now, the process may sound simple. Read More

Why Is Now A Great Time to Buy A Home?

The real estate market is changing, here’s what you need to know: I’ve had a lot of people asking me what’s going on in the Fraser Valley real estate market lately and the truth is, it’s cooled down a bit and is starting to become a more balanced market. I’m seeing less multiple offer stations which Read More

Pricing Your Home Right

Setting the price for your home is challenging. Too low, and you leave money on the table. Too high, and you scare away buyers to other properties. To complicate all this, your home is an emotional asset—it’s hard to see it objectively. Correctly priced homes sell faster because they are exposed to more qualified buyers. Read More

Three Key Things to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Earlier this week a client asked me, “What do I need to do to get my home ready for sale? I’m not ready to go on the market right now, but a few months down the line I will be. What do I need to do?” These are the three things I told her. 1. Read More

What Does A Home Inspection Entail?

Let’s talk about home inspections. Why you need them, and what they are about. I sat down with Nigel, the owner of ENG Inspections and he answered some of the most common questions we get asked about home inspections. Why do I need a home inspection? It’s not required to get a loan.A home is one of Read More

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