Tight Markets Require Great Professional Relationships


Tight real estate markets require great professional relationships that get your offers to the top of the pile for a more smooth and seamless win!

Here’s the deal.

We are in a very tight Seller’s Market, which means there is very little inventory. In other words, fewer people have their homes listed for sale (pretty much everywhere) which means you’re typically going to see higher prices,  multiple offers and a much faster pace! 

In markets like these you need to be able to move FAST and ideally your Realtor® will have very solid, long standing working relationships with other professionals and here’s why.

Imagine this  scenario: You’ve found the home you want to make an offer on but because there is so much competition, you’re a little nervous. You know that there will be multiple offers on this home and without having access to the other offers, your agent will need to have a few tricks up his sleeve. 

In almost every case, (*some exceptions of course) the property you want will go above the listed asking price. So how do you get your offer to the top of the pile? Is it strictly price?

What we’ve experienced is price isn’t always everything!

“In one case there was a subject free offer and a higher offer and we still won and were able to get an inspection done AND we were able to get a few things fixed because of the relationship we had the listing agent. “ says  Austin Adam (Realtor on the Dave Masson Real Estate Group)

Austin further explains “It’s just reputation because other agents know we take the necessary steps to ensure our clients are fully prepared and have the confidence and trust that the deal will complete.” (There a number of reasons why a deal might not complete.)

We take extra measures to go through the steps with our clients prior to writing to ensure all our clients are thoroughly prepared and educated including having their: 

  • Pre-approval
  • Property Document review
  • Pre-inspection if necessary 
  • Deposit in hand.
  • Knowing and accommodating the sellers’ needs if at all possible (Good will goes a long way!)

It’s vitally important to us at the Dave Masson Real Estate Group that we’ve earned the respect amongst our industry peers and are known for being the utmost professionals who get deals done! We couple our reputation with being fully armed with strong strategies for the negotiation process and that helps us get your offer to the top of the pile and a win!

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Dave Masson

Dave Masson

Dave Masson has been helping people find their dream homes in Langley and the surrounding Greater Vancouver area since 2010. Follow along on the blog for market updates, real estate tips and important information to help your next home purchase or sale succeed.


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